Slot Overview: Scrooge Megaways

Scrooge Megaways, a slot machine with a Christmas theme that you may play throughout the holidays, is the newest addition to iSoftBet’s Twisted Tales series. Since Christmas-themed slot machines are designed to be played just during the holiday season, there’s not much point in playing them any other time. Studios often follow the herd and produce derivative works like Scrooge Megaways. iSoftBet has given Western Gold Megaways a Victorian Christmas makeover, ditching the chaps in an effort to bring the game in front of as many festive gamers as possible with little effort.

There is a strong probability that you may meet Ebenezer Scrooge if you play slot machines for a whole year. The thief-turned-good guy is a staple in the gaming industry for many excellent reasons. One may have to do with the fact that since A Christmas Carol was first published in 1843, it has been in the public domain forever and no one can legally stop you from utilizing any of the narrative or its images. Scrooge Megaways has some great visuals. iSoftBet has placed players in a snowy London street flanked by cozy, historic houses. The music adds a pleasant atmosphere, and our old friend Scrooge makes occasional remarks.

The reels in this game are arranged in a 6-reel Megaways grid, and anywhere from 2-7 symbols can appear on any given reel. Win combinations range from 64 to 117,649 depending on the amount of symbols on the panel after each spin. The predicted return value for this game is 95.98%, making it a medium-high volatility offering from iSoftBet. The game appears to follow the same mathematical model as Western Gold Megaways. Theoretically, the game has a lot of promise, but looking at the features, it doesn’t appear like the type that will quickly reach its peak.

The paytable has nine standard paying symbols and numerous unique symbols, and wagers range from 20 pence to £/€20 every spin. Snow-covered 9-A royals are the least valuable pay sign, followed by ball ‘n chains, roasted turkeys, top hats, and Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge himself. While other symbols require at least three to form a win, Scrooge pays out for just two appearing on the reels. When hitting 6 of a type across the board, premium symbols pay anything from 2x to 25x the wager. The last icon is the wildcard. The wild sign serves as a replacement for regular game symbols and can occur on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5.

Slot Functions in Scrooge Megaways

The choice of Scrooge for a slot machine with a Christmas theme isn’t exactly groundbreaking, and the rest of the game’s features are somewhat derivative as well. There are two Haunted Christmas modifiers and a bonus purchase, as well as cascading winnings and Scrooge Cash Respins.

Each time a winning combination is made, the cascading mechanism clears that square from the playing field. When gaps appear on the reels, the remaining symbols below them will fall to fill them. This may result in a run of consecutively winning combinations that ends only when no more wins occur and the wheel is spun again.

The Haunting of Christmas might randomly activate one of two modifiers:

Selecting “Max Megaways” ensures that all 117,649 possible paylines will be active for the current spin.

Scrooge Cash Respins are more likely to begin after receiving this bonus, since extra scatters are added to the reels.

When you get five scatter symbols, you’ll enter the Scrooge Cash Respins bonus round. The initial respin count is 3, and it resets to 3 if another scatter symbol hits. At the conclusion of the bonus round, the total value of all visible scatters is multiplied by the total stake. During the bonus round, if a whole reel is covered in scatter symbols, a multiplier will appear that is proportional to the number of spots on that reel. That reel’s scatter wins are multiplied by that amount.

Landing scatter symbols with the words “Past,” “Present,” or “Future” on them is an additional possibility. These pay out at odds of 10:1, 25:1, and 50:1.

Scrooge Megaways may include a bonus purchase if you happen to reside in a nation that allows such things. When engaged, it costs 50 times the amount stake and ensures a round of Scrooge Cash Respins. When the feature is purchased, the ROI increases to 97%.

Slots vs. Scrooge: The Final Say

If you’re familiar with the Western Gold Megaways template slot, you’ll know exactly what to anticipate with Scrooge Megaways. There aren’t many surprises, even if you haven’t played the prior game. After the success of Aztec Gold Megaways, iSoftBet released another Megaways game, Western Gold Megaways, which was widely seen as a letdown. The three jackpot amounts in the hold and win bonus game were lowered, which was a major letdown. Western Gold, and by implication, Scrooge Megaways, features a 50x scatter, whereas Aztec Gold only had a 1x scatter. The cut’s justification is open for discussion, but the fact remains.

Scrooge Megaways’ many redeeming qualities revolve on its warm and fuzzy Christmas spirit. The character of Ebenezer Scrooge has become nearly as synonymous with Christmas in slot games as that of Santa Claus, and iSoftBet has made good use of him here. One of the technological highlights is Scrooge Megaways’ potential. Nonetheless, it appears that something like to a Christmas miracle may be required to even come close to achieving it. A significant portion of the way there.

During the review, there was a bonus round in which scatters filled in almost the whole grid. It’s unlikely that many players will get to 12kx in the bonus game, even with all 5 reel multipliers active. Perhaps the secret lies in a Max Megaways lucky streak or an incredible base game cascades run.

Scrooge Megaways, being a clone and all, probably won’t rock too many planets, but, like the kind grandmother who always gives you a pair of socks or a hanky for Christmas, you can always depend on Scrooge Megaways to provide some measure of enjoyment.






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